14/01/ 2000 – 16/07/ 2000 Nene Valley Railway

5580’s extended visit to the Nene Valley Railway would be the launch of a new operating base for A1A Locomotives Ltd , and one of our favourite railways.The railway is part of the line that ran between Peterboro and Northampton and nows runs for 7 1/4 miles between a station built at Peterboro and Yarwell Halt . It posseses a main line connection at Fletton Jct , which joins the NVR at Orton Mere , one of the intermediate stations along the line. The others being Ferry Meadows and Wansford , the latter being the railway’s headquarters and depot.Other diesel locos based on the line are 40106 and 47270. For more information about the NVR , including timetables can be found here..www.nvr.org.uk.

On the turntable at Wansford , 5580 during her stint on the Nene Valley Railway.

5580 arrived ‘ on the back of a lorry ‘ on Friday 14th January ( 40 years to the day since delivery to Norwich ) which didn’t leave us much time to prepare her for the ‘ birthday bash ‘ on the Sunday………….. Saturday was spent re-fitting the lifeguards ( removed for the road journey ) , re-fuelling , A exam and a thorough wash . She was run-up and the boiler tested , examined then placed onto the ‘ foreign stock ‘ ( DSBs ) for the following day. The day went extremely well with plenty of shareholders attending what would be the first of many excellent days here……….She certainly looked a stroke ‘ odd ‘ hauling those DSBs and steaming…..! .

All in all 5580 completed 500 fault free miles in the 6 months we were there…….the final workings being a mini diesel gala using the 40 and 5580 over the weekend of Saturday 15th July & Sunday 16th July . The visit went all too quick and it was a immense shame to be leaving the railway although the feeling evidently was mutual as it wouldn’t be too long before we’d return with another one …..!

5580 departed Wansford in late July for her appearance at the Old Oak Common 2000 event.

5580 awaiting departure from Peterboro with the ‘DSB’ rake on 16/01/00.

5580 crossing the River Nene on the approach to Wansford at the March diesel gala..18/03/00.

5580 with a short freight train again at the diesel gala….18/03/00.

2 ‘dubious’ characters pose next to 5580 at Wansford .. photo D Bellamy


  1. 5580’s 40th birthday specials – 16/01/00…..4 trips….Steam Heat provided.
  2. Running Day – 20/02/00…..3 trips…..Steam Heat provided.
  3. Diesel Gala – 17/03/00 – 19/03/00…..Steam Heat provided.
  4. Running Day – 16/04/00….4 trips.
  5. A1A Locos Ltd AGM / Running Day – 21/05/00….2 trips.
  6. Running Day – 18/06/00….2 trips.
  7. Mini Diesel Gala – 15/07/00 – 16/07/00….3 trips , 1 in tandem with 40106.