Preservation Story


Our 1994 Annual General Meeting decided to attempt the purchase of a production series, disc head-code class 31. In early 1995, 31108 was acquired in a nearly complete but non-running condition. Its mainline career came to an end on 5th June 1991 when it was ‘ stopped ‘ for engine repairs.

These repairs were never completed and 31108 was withdrawn from BR service on 27th September 1991. 31108 was stored in the open at Scunthorpe for three and a half years until purchased by A1A Locomotives and hauled by road to Butterley. Its subsequent overhaul found several possible reasons for withdrawal, such as B1 cylinder liner being badly scored as a result of a worn piston and broken piston ring.

  • The loco received an extensive mechanical rebuild, all cylinder heads, pistons and cylinder liners were removed for overhaul or replacement as required.
  • Considerable electrical restoration works were also undertaken and structural repairs made to wooden framing and steelwork on both cabs.
  • A large unsightly dent in No 1 end roof dome was repaired by cutting out the damaged steel and welding in four new shaped and rolled sections.
  • Re-assembling the power unit was completed in spring 2000 and a multitude of checks were made before it’s first ‘ firing up ‘ on the evening of 28 th May 2000.