31108 Operational Summary

 Updated 20/01/20

    There are no current workings for 31108
  • Current Location:  Swanwick Jct MR-B
  • Status:  stored serviceable for winter
  • Planned Maintenance:  routine

Routine inspections:

  • ‘B’ exam 14/04/13 at Wansford, NVR
  • ‘B’ exam 28/03/14 at Wansford
  • ‘B’ exam 01/03/15 at Swanwick
  • ‘B’ exam 10/17 at Swanwick East Depot
  • ‘B’ exam 04/18 at Swanwick East Depot


Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala 01/10/09 – 04/10/09

31271 & 31108 await departure from Peterboro with a Wansford service..04/10/09

31108 & 31271 stand coupled in multiple at Yarwell en-route to Peterboro..04/10/09

Just arrived at Peterboro from Yarwell, the pair await uncoupling in order to run-round their train..04/10/09

‘Eastleigh 100’ Works Open Weekend…Saturday 23/05/09 – Monday 25/05/09

For the event, 31108 was coupled to the Work’s 75 ton crane recreating scenes from the mid 1980s..25/05/09

Proceeds from this superb event were given to charity, A1A were pleased to loan 31108 for display..25/05/09

Our sales stand was present and made brisk business over the weekend, generating income for A1A. If anyone has any railway memorabelia, books, photographs etc they’d like to donate for future sales stands, please contact one the directors by visiting the ‘Contacts’ page..Thanks !

Here, Steve awaits the next customer ! ..25/05/09

Swanage Railway Diesel Gala… Friday 08/05/09 – Sunday 10/05/09

31108 stands in the headshunt at Norden following arrival with the first train of the event..08/05/09

Standing with a shuttle, 31108 awaits departure at Harmens Cross for Norden..09/05/09

A very special guest poses at Norden, yes it’s Zontar ! ..09/05/09

Paired with 33103, 31108 stands following arrival at Swanage with their final train of the event..10/05/09

Dubious characters lurk around 31108 ‘on the blocks’ at Swanage, awaiting release to the depot..10/05/09

East Lancs Railway Diesel Gala…Saturday 05/07/08

A monsoon greets 31108 arriving at Ramsbottom with a train from Rawtenstall …05/07/08photo R Hargreaves