Membership & Shareholders

Shareholder membership

To join us you must purchase one or more £20 shares – these effectively provide life membership.

What you can expect as a shareholder

Shareholders receive a newsletter, produced at roughly quarterly intervals and reduced rate facilities at the Midland Railway Centre Butterley. All major decisions affecting the company and its assets are taken by the shareholders, either at properly convened meetings or by postal ballot. Restoration and maintenance of the fleet is undertaken by our dedicated engineering team , all whom are shareholders.

Purchasing Shares

Shares may be purchased outright, although many of our supporters find it more convenient to purchase in instalments by bank standing order and pay a monthly amount which suits their own budget. One share is credited for every £20 accumulated.

Please Join Us!

A1A Locomotives Ltd constantly require further capital to finance repairs, restoration work, the acquisition of spares (even with the acquisition of a spares loco we can never have too much!) and the general upkeep of four class 31s. For example , 31162 will require a major mechanical overhaul in the near future; its train heating boiler will also be re-tubed and rebuilt to ensure future service. A sound financial position must therefore be maintained.

If you would like to become part of THE class 31 preservation body, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest.