31271 Operational Summary

Updated 20/01/20

Current Location:  Llangollen Railway

  • Status: In Traffic (winterised)
  • Planned Maintenance: Water Header Tank reps and oil strainer reps were completed in Jan 2017.

Routine inspections:

  • Bodywork/corrosion repairs & repaint carried out in Spring 2014. ‘B’ exam carried out 27/06/14 at Swanwick, MRB
  • Tyre turning, EMT Etches Park Depot 15/09/14
  • ‘B’ exam carried out 08/03/16 at Wansford.
  • ‘B’ exam carried out 29/03/17 at Wansford.
  • ‘B’ exam carried out 12/03/18 at Wansford.
  • ‘B’ exam carried out 01/04/19 at Wansford.

31271 BOGIE LIFT, SWANWICK MR-B….. 23/07/12

31271 lifted with no 1 bogie ready to be hauled from underneath…..

31271 on the jacks with no 1 bogie removed for cleaning and assessment …..

No 1 bogie following steam cleaning….

Six inch flat with scaling on no 3 wheelset…….

Six inch flat with scaling on opposite side of wheelset………

Seven inch flat on no 3 wheelset……….

Replacement wheelsets in store ready for fitting………….

SWANAGE RAILWAY 07/05/10 – 15/05/10

31271 having a rest at Norden having worked a train in from Swanage as 73119 ‘runs round’ its train..08/05/10

Waiting to pass another train, 31271 stands at Harmens Cross en-route to Norden..08/05/10

Stood alongside 33103 at Norden, 31271 awaits the arrival of a train back to Swanage..08/05/10

‘Top and Tailing’ with 33111 on the 4-VEP, 31271 at Corfe Castle en-route to Norden on a shuttle..09/05/10

31271 ‘awaits the road’ to Harmens Cross at Swanage with the empties from the days’s service..15/05/10


Emerging from the tunnel , 31271 is approaching Yarwell with 4 TPO vans in consist..10/05/08

The mail staff , dressed in authentic macs ! , get ready for the ‘pick up’ at speed..10/05/08.

31271 on its way to Yarwell with the mail ! ..10/05/08

In all , 8 runs were made to demonstrate the use of the recently installed TPO apparatus..10/05/08

All photos kindly provided by Mr Paul Whitley.


31271 at Peterboro prior to working the 1530 to Wansford. This event raised £550 for the Neurological dept at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. This was Andy’s chosen charity….05/04/08

NVR DMU DRAG 10/01/09

Following arrival at Peterboro, 31271 awaits running round for its return to Wansford..10/01/09

In between trains, 31271 was used to haul the ‘foreign stock’ from the tunnel into the platform at Wansford. Here we see 31271 at Wansford following arrival..10/01/09

After the stock shunt, 31271 is recoupled to the DMU for the 9th (and final ! ) run to Peterboro..10/01/09

Back at Peterboro again, 31271 waits running round for the last time. An excellent day out ! ..10/01/09

All photographs courtesy of ‘Buzzard’