10/09/2005 – 11/09/2005 Crewe Works Open Day

Another Open Weekend , this time Crewe Works……. We received an invite to this event during April whilst 31108 was still at the NVR . It all depended on whether 108 would get to MRB as that’s where the convoy would originate. All went to plan so 31108 was indeed where we anticipated …….. Other locos invited fron Butterley were 37190 , 45041 and E27000. In the end , the 37 didn’t make it due to a brake fault but the other locos including ourselves were collected the day before , on the Friday , and taken over to Cheshire.

Unfortunately many of the promised locos from mainline TOCs didn’t materialise for one reason or another which was a shame…. However 31108 was positioned in a prime location outside the old erecting shop next to D1023 . The weather wasn’t up to much with showers on and off , but didn’t seem to deter visitors and our sales stand did very well , especially on the Saturday. An enjoyable event and almost certainly the final one of this type at this famous railway works. It certainly was sad to think that the last time I was at Crewe Works , there were Class 40s , 47s and AC electrics still being overhauled………!

Highlight for us was seeing 31108 on the famous traverser as it repositioned her prior to opening time on the Saturday morning…..! Oh well…….

31108 returned early the following week back to MRB .

Positioned on the traverser , 31108 is moved across to another ‘road’ for display..10/09/05

Another shot of 31108 being moved on the Crewe Works traverser..10/09/05

Now in position next to D1023 , 31108 attracts interest outside the erecting shop at Crewe..10/09/05