10/04/1999 – 11/04/1999 Barrow Hill Open Weekend

We received an invite to this event along with 50007 and DPS 55009 , which had been guesting at the MRC Spring Gala along with 55019 and 2 DRS Class 20s. One of these 20s , following the Butterley event , moved 55019 to Crewe with the remaining one transferring 5580 , the Class 50 and 55009 to Barrow Hill on Thursday 1st April.

5580 takes her turn on the Brake Van shuttles at Barrow Hill 10/04/99.

On the Saturday morning , we were positioned in the superbly restored roundhouse on no 10 road . It wasn’t long before 5580 was started and positioned on the turntable for some ‘ spinning ‘ to take place ! Following many photographs , she moved outside to have her turn on the brake van shuttles up and down the yard and to the BH / Railtrack boundary. Following 5 round trips , she moved back into the shed and onto the turntable ….. this time onto No 2 road for further photographs……!

Now on the turntable, 5580 indulges in some spinning ! at Barrow Hill 10/04/99.

5580 poses with 83012 , 45060 and 37111 around the turntable at Barrow Hill..10/04/99.

Our sales stand was present selling our wares over both days . 5580 remained inside the roundhouse on the Sunday and returned to Butterley following the event with 50007 on Tuesday 13th April courtesy once more of DRS. Another enjoyable weekend.