31123 (5541)

This locomotive was purchased by A1A in October 2005 to provide spare parts for the ongoing restoration of 31418 and for the remainder of the fleet.

Offered for sale by its owner at the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway with no serious bidders , A1A undertook the ‘difficult’ decision to strip the loco of all re-usable parts before moving the loco to C F Booths Ltd at Rotherham for further component recovery and breaking up. Some parts were sold on to other preservation groups. Final disposal of 31123 occured on 08/02/06. .

31123 being stripped of all parts at Toddington , Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway..20/08/05

No 2 end cab has been ‘removed’ and the bodywork cut away ready for power- unit removal at Booths..07/02/06

  No 1 end cab being burnt up ready for removal…it doesn’t take long..Booths…07/02/06

The power- unit is carefully removed from 31123’s frame. This will be used as a spare..Booths..07/02/06

Both bogies were recovered also . Here the frame is removed leaving both bogies behind..Booths..07/02/06

The final act , 31123’s frame is burnt through..Booths.. 08/02/06    All photos by M Skidmore