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Latest News: 31162 confirmed for the East Lancashire Railway
“Summer Diesel Spectacular” (8th – 10th July)

Full details on the East Lancashire Railway website

Here are the other planned workings for our operational fleet:

  • 31162 East Lancs Railway Gala, Fri 8th – Sunday 10th July
  • 31271 Wensleydale Rly Diesel Gala, Fri 15th – Sun 17th July
  • 31162 MRB Diesel Event, Sat 23rd July
  • 31271 NVR Diesel Gala Fri 14th – Sun 16th Oct

See full dates in our Current Roster

Information last updated 04/07/2016

31414 has moved.

The acquisition of 31414 has entered a new chapter – the loco has been moved to Barrow Hill for storage and restoration work.

Information last updated 01/02/2016


31414 has become the latest member of the class to come under the wing of A1A Locomotives Ltd.

The acquisition was the result of a number of our shareholders coming together independently to raise sufficient funds to buy and transport 31414 from the owners at Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. Thanks to the generosity of those shareholders, 31414 is now wholly owned by A1A Locomotives Ltd and brings the fleet up to 5 locomotives.

Obviously this is a significant development and the full story, thinking behind the purchase and details of how she was acquired will be communicated to shareholders in the next newsletter (which is imminent).

Information last updated 19/01/2016 – Archive photo of 31414 at Barnstaple in April 1982, courtesy of Steve Harvey

Newsletter distribution goes online (print copy still an option!)

From February, the A1A Locomotives newsletter will be made available to read online, saving on print and postage costs.  Details of the change and how you will be kept up-to-date is described fully in the printed newsletter that’s soon to be landing on shareholder’s door mats.

Read more here >

The shed update

The A1A Locomotives shed is now providing shelter for 31108, 31162 and 31418. This means our fleet will be protected from the elements in a way we could only dream of in previous years.

Information last updated 24/12/2015

Photo by John Hardy

The A1A Locomotives shed at the Midland Railway Centre is now connected and 31418 has taken the rails into No.2 Road.

Read more about progress in the news pages

Introducing A1A

Introducing A1A Locomotives

We are dedicated to actively preserving & operating class 31 diesel locos and membership is open to anyone supporting these aims.

The company was formed in Autumn 1995 taking over the operations from the former A1A Group, which was itself formed at an inaugural meeting of committed class 31 followers on the ‘Wensleydale Wanderer’ railtour of 27/05/1990.

All locomotive maintenance is carried out by A1A Locos Ltd as is the operation of all our fleet.

A1A Fleet

The A1A Fleet

Our operational fleet consists of un-refurbished 31162 together with refurbished 31108 and 31271. One-time unique ‘Skinhead’ Class 31/4 and oldest surviving ‘production series’ class 31 no 31418 , is currently under long-term overhaul from ‘as withdrawn’ condition.



We are proud to have achieved a reputation for quality restoration work and reliable service at a wide variety of preservation centres and diesel events, some of which have brought the first ever visit of the class to a particular location.